ECR Panel

Early Career Researcher Panel

A new feature of future ADSA Conferences will be the inclusion of an Early Career Researcher Panel. The Guidelines for participation in the ECR Panel are listed below.


1. Submissions to this panel will be elicited from information available on each conference?s registration form, which will have a box for ticking by people who wish their work to be considered. This section of the registration form should also specify the date by which full papers must be submitted, normally about one month prior to the conference. Applicants who fail to submit a full paper by the deadline will forfeit their opportunity to participate in this panel.

2. Eligibility: this panel is designed for people who are engaged in postgraduate work or who have recently finished postgraduate work. Normally, it is going to target people who are relatively new to the field (undertaking PhD work, or beginning a career in theatre studies) although it may also include people who have been longstanding members but who are currently postgraduate students. In any event, the rationale is to enable participants (who may not have otherwise had the chance) to showcase their work and receive productive feedback.

3. The panel will be scheduled as a plenary to ensure maximum attendance: it is not, therefore, a less-than-central or sideline panel for postgraduate students.

4. Ideally, we will endeavour to get one of the (international) keynote speakers to chair the session, subject to availability. Instead of a conventional question time, the moderator will take up critical issues in each paper that s/he feels might be developed, engaging the paper-giver in a dialogue. Questions from the floor will also be accepted, if time permits.

5. Papers will be chosen on their merits and on the likelihood that a particular grouping of papers will make a coherent session.

6. Participants will generally not be permitted to take part in subsequent years.