AGM 2005

Minutes of the 2005 Annual General Meeting of ADSA


Annual General Meeting

Charles Sturt University, 6 July 2005


1. Attendance

Ricci-Jane Adams, Gillain Arrighi, Jonathan Bollen, Georgie Boucher, Jaclyn Booton, Maryrose Casey, Paul Dwyer, Peter Eckersall, Rosemary Farrell, Rachel Fensham, Andrew Filmer, Ray Goodlass, Ariana Grabrovaz, Helena Grehan, Adrian Guthrie, Janys Hayes, Guy Hooper, Jerry Jaffe, Gillian Kehoul, Veronica Kelly, Adrian Kiernander, Rosemary Klich, Kathryn Leader, Jenny Leong, Carol Langley, Gay McAuley, Glen McGillivray, Geoffrey Milne, Ronaldo Morelos, Jasna Novakovic, Gaye Poole, Kevin Poynter, Alison Richards, Robyn Roelandts, Meredith Rogers, Delyse Ryan, Mark Seton, Ruth Thompson, Joanne Tompkins, Bryoni Trezise, Lisa Warrington, David Williams, Benjamin Woods.



Alyson Campbell, Bill Dunstone, Julie Holledge, Jacqueline Lo.

2. Minutes of the previous AGM (ACU, 1 July 2004) (included in conference packs)

Motion: That the minutes of the 2004 AGM be accepted.

Mover: Ray Goodlass

Seconder: David Williams


3. Paul Makeham moved a vote of thanks to the Conference organisers: Ray, Kevin and the Oracles.

Passed by Acclamation

4. President’s Report

* This year has been a period of Transition for ADSA.

* The new administrative structure for the executive has been working for the last 12 months.

* Cathy Squirrel’s role has shifted to Alan Eady.

* The Executive has taken on a new membership management approach.

* There is also a new shift in ADS. The Editorship of the journal will move from Veronica Kelly to Geoffrey Milne and this will occur over the next 12 months

* Joanne Tompkins started on the Executive about 10 years ago and she will be stepping down this year. Joanne was thanked by acclamation.

* Membership is low at the moment. It is about half of what it should be. The lines of communication are not what they should be.

* The plan is to split ADSA membership from the Journal membership and to employ an RA to keep up to date with the membership. This will include issuing membership cards and arranging a single renewal date which will be 1 January in each year.

* A number of initiatives from last year’s minutes are still outstanding.

* The Executive has traditionally meet by e-mail and we are still looking at other options.


o This is a separate entity but it is part of the core business for ADSA.

o The grant was unsuccessful.

o We need to start questioning the national research firmament.

o In mid-December 2004, there was a meeting at Flinders to work on the grant application. LERN did get seed funding so it is still to be considered a viable organisational structure for scholarship and research.

* The ADSA website will move from ACU to become part of the ADSA/LERN/AusStage website that is managed by Flinders. ADSA will have its own URL.

* Conferences

o University of Sydney (2006): the organisation is going well. There will be an innovative conference structure. Participants will be encouraged to exchange papers prior to the conference. There will be 2 calls for papers. One will involved a call for people interested in setting up panels which will meet over a series of days.

Motion: That the President’s report be accepted.

Mover: Delyse Ryan

Seconder: Ray Goodlass


5. Treasurer’s Report

* The Membership rate is going down. It is at the worst level ever. It is currently half of what it should be.

* The new strategies suggested by the President should help.

* At the Wellington Conference, the AGM decided to raise fees but it would be better to leave this until next year. It is better to get more members rather than asking current members to pay more money.

Motion: That the Treasurer’s report be accepted.

Mover: Alison Richards

Seconder: Maryrose Casey


6. Election of Office-Bearers for 2005/6

* President: Paul Makeham

* Vice-President: Jonathan Bollen

* Secretary: Delyse Ryan

* Treasurer: Meredith Rogers

* Executive Member, responsible for linkages: Adrian Kiernander

* An ADS representative(s): Veronica Kelly

* Postgraduate representative: Ben Woods

* Immediate past President: Geoffrey Milne

* Current conference convenor: Ian Maxwell

* Next conference convenor: Meredith Rogers & Peter Eckersall

* 1 Executive Member responsible for Regional Matters: Helena Grehan

* 1 Executive Member at large: Kathryn Leader

David Williams

7. LERN (Live Event Research Network)-report by Bill Dunstone

* Who is responsible for LERN?

* Joh Hartog is responsible for the website

* Jules Holledge is responsible for overseeing LERN.

* This may have been the first and last chance for this research network grant.


8. AusStage Report

* AusStage has run out of money.

* There is no further data being entered into the database.

* Some organisations are entering things as they happen.

* This means that there is a skew in the data towards organisations who have the means to do this.

9. Website/Research Register:

* Please send updates to Delyse Ryan.


10. Conferences:

2006 University of Sydney

2007 We urgently need to find a venue because Ballarat cannot host the conference.

11. Postgraduate Report-report by David Williams by proxy for Alyson Campbell

* There has been a strong postgraduate turn out at this conference.

* The postgraduate e-list is expanding.

* Currently exploring e-publishing possibilities for postgraduates.

12. GLQ Caucus

* Met yesterday after a successful panel session.

13. Women’s Caucus

* Will meet tomorrow.

14. Publications Report

* The President congratulated ADSA members for the large number of books that have been published recently. The following authors were cited: Maryrose Casey (who has just won another award for her book), Jacqui Lo, Rachel Fensham, Peta Tait, and Carol Langley.

* Veronica Kelly has been series editor for performance studies for Rodopi Press and Peta Tait will be taking over. Members were asked to think about prospective monograph titles or series of essays.

* Veronica Kelly acknowledged the guest editors’ hard work on ADS.

* ADSA recorded its appreciation for Laura Ginter’s issue on Musical Theatre.

* There were 3 postgraduate papers in the April 2005 edition of ADS.

* Geoffrey Milne has offered to take over ADS. The journal is now in a transitional period.

* In 2006, Geoffrey Milne will co-edit the journal with Veronica Kelly.

* Peta Tait will guest edit the issue at the end of 2006 and this will be the first issue based at La Trobe University.

Motion: That the AGM endorse the Proposal to move the journal to La Trobe University.

Mover: Paul Makeham

Seconder: Delyse Ryan


15. Prizes: Rotation of Judges:

* Philip Parsons Prize for Performance as Research

o Alison Richards, Ian Maxwell.

* Marlis Thiersch Prize for a Scholarly Article by a Member

o Glen d’Cruz, Gay Poole, Peter Eckersall.

* Rob Jordan Prize for a Book by a Member (awarded every 2 years)

o Helena Grehan, Mark Radvan, Adrian Kiernander.

* Veronica Kelly Prize for Best Postgraduate Conference Paper

o Organised by the Executive. Geoffrey Milne is looking after this year’s round.



AGM closed at 12:25pm

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