About membership

Membership of ADSA is open, on payment of the annual subscription as determined by the Association in general meeting, to staff members and post-graduate students of Australasian tertiary institutions engaged in teaching and/or research in drama studies and to Directors of associated theatres and to members of the theatrical profession.

Membership to ADSA entitles you to:

  • Information about the annual ADSA Conference, and the opportunity to present at the Conference;
  • Information about the annual ADSA Prizes, and the opportunity to nominate for the Prizes;
  • ADSA newslist and newsletters with information about job, publication, conference and other opportunities;
  • Two copies per year of Australasian Drama Studies, the major journal of drama and theatre studies in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia

Membership fees are

  • Individual: AUD $90.00
  • Student: AUD $60.00

Payment may be made by direct deposit, cheque (payable to ADSA) or credit card. Please forward the completed form adsa-membership-form-2017 to the Treasurer, Rea Dennis, Deakin University,