Flinders University AusStage Prize

Purpose of the award
This award is designed to recognise research excellence that utilises AusStage in articles, books, and non-traditional digital outputs. In recognition of the twenty-year history of AusStage, Flinders University has agreed to sponsor this annual award for a period of five years from 2020-2024.

• The Award is open to all financial members of ADSA. In the case of collaborative research outputs articles, at least one author must be a member (in this case, the prize money is awarded to the member).
• The submission period for the inaugural award is January 2018 to December 2020
• There cannot be more than one nomination for a scholar in a given year.
• The winner is announced at the ADSA conference.
• The value of the prize is $500; the winning submission will be displayed on the AusStage website
• Scholars who have previously won cannot win the prize again within the initial 5-year period of the prize.

Nominations are invited by authors, journal editors and interested scholars, specifying full reference for the work nominated and accompanied by a copy of the publication. In the case of non-traditional digital outputs, on-line access will be required. Each nomination must be accompanied by a short statement (no longer than 500 words) detailing how the author has utilised the AusStage database in their research. Please note: the use of AusStage must be explicit in the text with appropriate referencing and bibliographic information.

Deadline: 1 September 2020. Please send all submitted material to: jenny.fewster@flinders.edu.au

AusStage is one of the largest and most extensive national dataset on live performance in the world. Flinders University has been the lead institution in its development and it is universally accessible: http://www.ausstage.edu.au. On all measures of research productivity – data aggregation, network accessibility, scholarly and creative output, social engagement and impact – AusStage’s record of collaborative research is outstanding. Funded by the ARC and university partners since 2000, the database, now holds information on 112,600+ events, 158,000+ artists, 16,900+ companies, 10,800+ venues, 18,500+ works and 68,000+ resources. In its twenty years of development, AusStage has forged partnerships with all the Australian universities teaching theatre and performance, the Australia Council, the Performing Arts Heritage Network of Museums Australia, and major theatre companies. The AusStage dataset is discoverable through Trove in partnership with the National Library of Australia. International partnerships include UK Association of Performing Arts Collections, and the Centre for Ibsen Studies, University of Oslo. The commitment of partners and stakeholders ensures its ongoing viability.

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