D'Arcy 1: Ground plan, Princess Theatre, Melbourne, showing part of the auditorium and stage layout.

D'Arcy 2: Hairspray, scale model of the stage, Princess Theatre, Melbourne. 
Production Designer: Eamon D'Arcy; Digital Producer: Robbie Klaesi; Animator: Frantz Kantor.

D'Arcy 3: Hairspray, stage section, Princess Theatre, Melbourne.

D'Arcy 4: Hairspray, ground plan detail, Princess Theatre, Melbourne.

D'Arcy 5: Hairspray, living room scene. Animation detail.

D'Arcy 6: Hairspray, concept sketch, exploring frames and planes.

D'Arcy 7: Hairspray, technical testing, showing stage lifts and screen configurations.