Rewa 1: The Industrial Palace in the Prague Exhibition Ground during the 2003 Prague Quadrennial.
Photo: Andrew Filmer.

Rewa 2: Prague Quadrennial 2011:
Crisis Trilogy by Krékatör in the derelict printing press room of the former communist newspaper.
Photo: Natalie Rewa.

Rewa 3: Now/NEXT Performance Space at the Crossroads. Architecture Section Exhibition:
2011 Prague Quadrennial.
Sited in St Anne’s Church (Prague Crossroads); designed by Dorita Hannah. Photo: Nick Kapica.

Rewa 4: Landing: 7 Stages: Aotearoa/NZ. New Zealand’s national exhibit in the 1999 Prague Quadrennial. Designed by Dorita Hannah. Photo: Wellington Dominion Post; courtesy of Dorita Hannah.

Rewa 5: The ‘Three-Horned Enemy’, designed by Jerrard Smith as featured in a performance of The Princess of
the Stars as part of the Patria Cycle by R. Murray Schafer, in Banff Alberta. Performance photo: Hagerman, exhibited at Prague Quadrennial 2007; courtesy Jerrard and Diana Smith.

Rewa 6: Prague Quadrennial 2011, Intersection, installation in the Piazzetta of the National Theatre;
architect Oren Sagiv. Photo: Miroslav Halada.

Rewa 7: Intersection; this ‘pop-up’ conglomeration of individual sites came complete
with a cinema and café. Photo: Miroslav Halada.

Rewa 8: Prague Quadrennial 2011, Exhibit No. 17 by Monika Pormale.
Visitors embraced in full view of all passersby; with no verbal text, the intimacy of the
anonymous embraces evokes sculptures. Photo: Lorie Novak.

Rewa 9: Prague Quadrennial 2011;
The Spanish exhibition, After Design, featured a glimpse of the expertise of eight
scenographic professionals and their workshops. Photo: Natalie Rewa.