Peta Tait Prize for Excellence in Book Editing and/or Creative Projects or Scholarship Achievement over time

The Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies has created an award for Excellence in Book Editing and/or Creative Projects over time

Purpose of the Award

The practices and processes of editing, be it the long-term editing of a book series or the editing of a particularly significant single volume, play a key role in the shaping, enhancing, and even challenging the ways in which we can understand the inter-related fields of theatre, drama, and performance studies. Yet the role of editors is often overlooked. This prize recognises the contribution made by individuals or collaborative teams that lead and sustain editorial endeavours. More specifically, the Peta Tait Prize recognises the editing of an ongoing book series or significant single volume. It also recognises significant creative projects over time.


The Peta Tait Prize for Excellence in Book Editing and/or Creative Projects or Scholarship Achivement will be awarded once every four (4) years, starting in 2019. So in 2016 the Rob Jordan Prize for Best Book will be awarded, in 2017 the Joanne Tompkins Prize for Excellence in Journal Editing will be awarded, in 2018 the Rob Jordan Prize will be awarded and in 2019 the Peta Tait Prize for Excellence in Book Editing will be awarded. Thus the Peta Tait Prize will be awarded in the following years:

  • 2019; (The prize will be awarded in 2020 as there was no winner in 2019)
  • 2023;
  • 2027

In the case of a nomination for a single volume, editors are expected to have included their own scholarly stand-alone chapter. An edited book/significant creative projects over time might be the equivalent of:

  • 10 published chapters
  • 10 creative outputs for arts projects


Editors/applicants can self-nominate. Alternatively, editors/applicants can be nominated by another ADSA member

The nominator(s) should provide a statement about the book’s/work's importance that consists of the following:

  • The name of the edited book and/or creative project 
  • The reason for the nomination (innovation in the field, impact)
  • Details of past editing projects where appropriate

Nominees will be asked to provide, where relevant:

  • two copies of the book being nominated
  • links (or similar) to creative projects being nominated


To be eligible, the edited book(s) must be published in any of the FOUR years prior to the award of the prize. FOR THE INAUGURAL PRIZE, nominations will be extended back to 2011. This also pertains to nominations for creative projects.

To be eligible, the editor must have been a member of ADSA in the year in which the book series or book was published, and in the year of the award. In the case of jointly edited projects, at least one editor should be a members of ADSA in the year(s) stipulated (in this case, the prize money will be awarded to the member). This also pertains to creative projects under nomination.

Editors/Applicants are not eligible to win the same prize consecutively.

Nominations should be received by the deadline in the year in which the prize is to be awarded: no later than 31 August 2020 (tentative date).
Judges for the 2019/2020 prize are Bernadette Cochrane (UQ), Rea Dennis (Deakin), and Helena Grehan (Murdoch)

Please send all nomination to the prize convenor Dr Bernadette Cochrane:

About Peta Tait

Professor Peta Tait is a Life Member of ADSA. Her research areas include, animal performance and animal studies; Australian theatre and gender identity; body-based performance; performing emotions and their social meanings; and Chekhov’s drama and realistic acting theory. She is the author of Circus Bodies: Cultural Identity in Aerial Performance. London Routledge, 2005; Performing Emotions: Gender, Bodies, Spaces, in Chekhov’s Drama and Stanislavski’s Theatre.  Aldershot: Ashgate, 2002; Converging Realities: Feminism in Australian Theatre.  Sydney: Currency Press, 1994. She is the editor of Body Show/s: Australian Viewings of Live Performances. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2000 and co-editor (with Elizabeth Schafer) of Australian Women’s Drama: Texts and Feminisms. Sydney: Currency Press, 1997. Republished 2000.

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