ADSA 2018: Actors and Acting in the Twenty-First Century

Tue, 26 Jun 2018 to Fri, 29 Jun 2018

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  • Type of event: Annual Conference
    Venue: Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

    Conference Convenors Matt Delbridge and Mary Luckhurst

    This conference reflects on the multiple challenges experienced by actors past, present

    and future in context of current innovations, collaboration and forms of training across a wide variety of performances, professional workplaces and environmental conditions. Actors are required to work in ever diversifying media arenas including theatre, performance, gaming, radio, film and television, and across a broad range of cultural, professional and industrial communities. Consequently, acting programs are shifting to respond to the industries and professions they serve, whilst also attempting to address a global demand for greater intercultural exchange, renewal of canonical training methods and dramatic material, shifting politics of representations, tightening of financial resources, and championing space for practice-led learning and research within the academy. In addition, rapid advances in technology and hybrid projects offer new opportunities and pose exciting demands on actors and cause academics and actor educators to reframe their pedagogical approaches to training. Challenges to received ideas of how a performer’s body might look, how an actor might sound, or what an actor might, or might not, represent continue to fuel urgent cultural and scholarly debate. Indeed, the borrowing of the terms ‘actor’ and ‘acting’ by a wide variety of disciplines (after the performative turn) might give acting studies pause for thought.

    We therefore invite papers, panels and workshops that address the actor and acting in the following formats: individual papers (20 minutes duration), practical/skills workshop sessions (45 or 90 minutes duration) and panel presentations (60 minutes duration).

    Questions and discussions might stem from, but not be limited to, the following areas:

    Actor systems, training, and methods

    Actors, audience and participation

    Acting and drama (character and text)

    Acting, indigeneity, race and ethnicity

    Acting historiographies

    Classical and Contemporary acting

    The Actor’s body

    Acting and science

    Acting, industry and celebrity

    The Actor in music theatre

    The Actor, scenography and costume

    The Actor, the screen, the camera (including CGI and motion capture) 

    The Actor and performance space

    The Actor as director/writer/scenographer

    Acting and discourses (LGBTIQ+, gender, queer, comic, disability, feminism, ageing, ethics, etc)

    Acting and therapy

    The Actor and Voice

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Victorian College of the Arts, located at the Southbank campus of the University of Melbourne in 2018.


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