CFP: ADS Special Issue: The Actress in 21st Century Australasia

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Posted By: Glen McGillivray
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Date Posted: Thu, 20 Sep 2018
Edited by Mary Luckhurst

This edition of Australasian Drama Studies (ADS) celebrates the wealth and diversity of extraordinary actresses in Australasian theatres and performance and investigates how their work challenges, enriches and advances the theatre industry and debates about acting. Authors are asked to consider the implications of the bigger picture of their argument as well as the specifics of their focus.

Subjects for essays might include:
  • Actresses and the negotiation of celebrity
  • The representation of actresses in the media/by critics/in academe
  • Female roles on the 21st century stage
  • Actresses and indigeneity
  • Constructions of the female on stage
  • Working processes and the actresss
  • Actresses and independent/underground theatre
  • Resistive stage constructions and the actress
  • Actresses and mainstream stages
  • Actresses and their audiences/fans
  • Actresses, voice and accents
  • The actress/director
  • Actresses and musical theatre
  • Age and the actress
  • The female body on stage
  • The actress and star studies
  • The actress and the archive  
  • National stereotypes, nationalism and the actress
  • Actresses and hierarchies of power in the acting industry
  • The acting industry, ethics and the actress
  • Formally trained and untrained actresses
  • Comediennes and their craft/burlesque and the actress
  • Technology and the actress
  • Actresses, costume and fashion

Essay abstracts should be no more than 400 words and clearly state the title, author/s and give a clear sense of what the argument or investigation will be. Essay length is a maximum of 6,000 words including bibliography. The deadline for essay abstracts 1 November 2018. Contributors will receive notification about acceptance by mid November. The deadline for final essays is 30 April 2019 and the journal will be published in October 2019. Please send essay abstracts to Mary Luckhurst