University of QLD Creative Fellow Announced

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Posted By: Glen McGillivray
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Date Posted: Tue, 26 Feb 2019
The University of Queensland are pleased to announce that the 2019 UQ Drama Creative Fellow will be celebrated dramaturg Katalin Trencsényi. Katalin is the author of Dramaturgy in the Making: a User’s Guide for Theatre Practitioners (Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2015), editor of Bandoneon: Working with Pina Bausch (Oberon Books, 2016), and co-editor with Bernadette Cochrane of New Dramaturgy: International Perspectives on Theory and Practice (Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2014).

During her fellowship, Katalin will be collaborating with staff and students at the University of Queensland, and also at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. A number of her engagements are open to the public, and we warmly invite members of the ADSA community to join us at the following events:

Public Lecture: “Theatre-Making — Dramaturgy in the Age of Big Data”
Contemporary Western societies feed on overflow: burgeoning populations, mass production, a multiplicity of information, data, and news. For us individuals, as well as communities, in order to be able to manage and process this deluge, it needs to be contained and organised into some sort of order. So, patterns are recognised and created, details are omitted, and others are emphasised until an abundance of occurrences gains shape, meaning, and value. Stories are formed, narratives emerge, emotions are evoked. What is the difference between manipulating and emphasising truthful meaning? How can dramaturgy, the art of recognising patterns and thus creating meaning respond to this challenge? Since its inception as a separate profession, dramaturgy has been championing critical thinking in theatre-making. What is the role of dramaturgy in a post-truth society? This lecture will also attempt to answer the question: what is the ethical responsibility of dramaturgs and theatre-makers in the creative process in contemporary theatre and performance?
Wednesday 20 March, 6.00pm — 7.30pm
University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus

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Research Roundtables: “On New Dramaturgy”
In 1993 in Amsterdam a landmark symposium, ‘Context 01: Active Pooling, the New Theatre’s Word-Perfect’, took place focusing on the theory and practice of contemporary theatre. The initiators of this conference started out with the recognition of a fundamental shift in the dramaturgical landscape: that “in many countries a form of theatre is being produced which answers to paradigms other than the traditional (reflected significantly in the play’s dramaturgy), and the realisation that there is currently no terminology available to describe those paradigms in all their aspects“ (Van Kerkhoven: 1995). Through the pioneering work of Marianne Van Kerkhoven and her colleagues, this new paradigm, new dramaturgy, a process-oriented way of working, gained not only a name, but a growing terminology, case studies of its processes, and explorations of the questions it posed. This Roundtable event will be held in both Melbourne and Brisbane on the dates below, bringing together the editors of New Dramaturgy: International Perspectives on Theory and Practice with local panellists. The details of each are:
Thursday 14 March, 6.00pm — 8.00pm

Dr Phillip Law Room, Elisabeth Murdoch Building, Victorian College of the Arts

Panellists: Katalin Trencsényi, Bernadette Cochrane, Alyson Campbell, and Marcel Dorney.
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Friday 22 March, 4.30pm — 6.30pm
University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus

Panellists: Katalin Trencsényi, Bernadette Cochrane, Stephen Carleton and Kathryn Kelly.
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We hope to welcome you to one (or more!) of these fascinating sessions, celebrating the work of one of the world’s leading dramaturgs. For any questions about the events or Katalin’s visit, please contact Dr Bernadette Cochrane on