Issue 76 of Australasian Drama Studies is now published on the ADS website

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Posted By: Yoni Prior
Status: Current
Date Posted: Thu, 4 Jun 2020
Dancing, Marching and Baton Twirling with the Virgin: Performing Community at the Peñafrancia Festival in the Philippines, by William Peterson
Festivals, Funerals and Circuses: The Impact of Space and Design in the Construction of Meaning and Audience Experience, by Natalie Lazaroo and Jennifer Penton
Polyfest Postponed: Performing ‘Us’ in Christchurch in 2019? by Tony McCaffrey
Disciplined Subjects and Social Performance: Entertainments at the Fremantle Lunatic Asylum, 1873–1906, by Jonathan W. Marshall
Wassailing and Festive Music in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, by Kathryn Roberts Parker
Local Archive, Distant Reading: Performance Space at Cleveland Street and Carriageworks, by Caroline Wake and Boni Cairncross
Enacting Restorative Justice: Shakespeare and Tikanga Māori in Cellfish (2017), by Rand Hazou
Hold On: Australian Innovations in Access Aesthetics, by Madeleine Little, Sarah Austin and Eddie Paterson
Contemporary Performance and Climate Change: Re-defining the Australian Landscape Narrative, by Linda Hassall
Celebrating Fifty Years in Prague: Reflections on Australian Scenographic Identity through the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, by Tessa Rixon and Sarah Winter
Entanglements with Time: Staging Duration and Repetition in the Theatre, by Deborah Pollard
An Actress Weeps: Corporeal Dissonance in the Actor’s Experience of Performing Testimony in Eduardo Coutinho’s Jogo de Cena, by Rea Dennis
Shifting Hybridity: An Intercultural Arab–Australian Shadow Theatre Performance, by Lynne Kent

In addition, the entire archive of Australasian Drama Studies has been digitized and archived, and will be uploaded to the ADS home site over the next month.