Save the Theatre and Performing Arts Collection

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Posted By: Rea Dennis
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Date Posted: Thu, 11 Mar 2021
Dear Members,
Announced this week, the V&A Museum is planning major cuts in staffing that will heavily impact curators and librarians and directly impact the Theatre and Performing Arts Dept which is earmarked for closure as part of the cuts.

The V & A houses the national collection for the UK’s performing arts community. This year V & A Theatre and Performance partnered with AusStage to better understand how to move their collection online – this news disrupts these plans.

Please sign and share the petition:

Save the Theatre and Performing Arts Collection

The loss of the knowledge and skills accrued through sustained care and practice by the custodians of cultural and artistic histories will be catastrophic for our field. Without their presence in the museum these stories will remain buried in archives until the artefacts become dead pieces of information.

Please also sign and share this petitions to protect people’s jobs.

Save the National Art Library

More information about the staff cuts can be found here: