New Publication from Gillian Arrighi and Jim Davis: Cambridge Companion to the Circus

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Date Posted: Fri, 23 Jul 2021

New Publication, Out now

The Cambridge Companion to the Circus, edited by Gillian Arrighi and Jim Davis

A terrific volume with 16 chapters over 2 parts. Gillian has shared the Cambridge 20% discount flyer, see attached.

From the back cover:

The Cambridge Companion to the Circus provides a complete guide for students, scholars, teachers, researchers, and practitioners who are seeking perspectives on the foundations and evolution of the modern circus, the contemporary extent of circus studies, and the specialised literature available to support further enquiries. The volume brings together an international group of established and emerging scholars working across the multi-disciplinary domain of circus studies to present a clear overview of the specialised histories, aesthetics and distinctive performances of the modern circus. In sixteen commissioned essays, it covers the origins in commercial equestrian performance during the late-eighteenth century to contemporary inflections of circus arts in major international festivals, educational environments, and social justice settings.

Table of Contents

Timeline            timeline of the circus, 1537-2018 (16 pages)                                                                                                            

Introduction       Gillian Arrighi and Jim Davis
The Circus: reflecting and mediating the world                                                        

Part One: Trans-national Geographies of the Modern Circus

1          Matthew Wittmann                                 
The Origins and Growth of the Modern Circus                                                         

2          Sakina Hughes   
Reconstruction, Railroads, and Race: The American Circus in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era                                                                                                

3          Gillian Arrighi               
Circus, Colonialism and Empire: the circus in Australasia and Asia                             

4          Julieta Infantino             
The Criollo Circus (Circus Theatre) in Argentina: the emergence of a unique circus
form in connection with the consolidation of the Argentine nation state            
5          Hanuš Jordan and Veronika Štefanová                   
The Past and Present of Czech Circus                                                                     

Rosemary Farrell

Catching On: Chinese Acrobatics from China to the West in the Twenty-First Century                                                                                                            

Part Two: Circus Acts and Aesthetics

7          Kim Baston                   
The Equestrian Circus                                                                                         

8          Peta Tait                       
Animals, Circus and War Re-enactment: Military Action to Colonial Wars                   

9          Louise Peacock              
Circus Clowns                                                                                                   

10         Kate Holmes      
Aerial Performance: Aerial Aesthetics                                                                    

Part Three: Circus: A Constantly Evolving Form

11         Catherine M. Young        
Circus and Somatic Spectacularity on Stage in the Variety Era                        

12         Agathe Dumont              
Becoming an Art Form: from ‘Nouveau Cirque’ to contemporary circus in Europe         

13         Alisan Funk                   
Risky Play and the Global Rise in Youth Circus                                                       

14         Jennifer Beth Spiegel                  
Social Circus: The rise of an ‘inclusive’ movement for collective creativity                   

Part Four, Circus Studies Scholarship

15         Charles R. Batson and Karen Fricker                     
Methodologies in circus scholarship                                                                       

16         Anna-Sophie Jürgens                  
Through the Looking Glass: multi-disciplinary perspectives in Circus              

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