CFP Special issue of Australasian Drama Studies on Queer Performance

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Posted By: Jonathan Bollen
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Date Posted: Tue, 5 Oct 2021
CFP Special issue of Australasian Drama Studies on Queer Performance, Issue 81, October 2022. 
Edited by Jacob Boehme, Jonathan Bollen, Alyson Campbell and Liza-Mare Syron.

It is time to pay attention to queer performance across Aotearoa, Australia, Pasifika and the Asia Pacific.

We have rich histories and thriving cultures of LGBTQI+ performance, including an explosion of queer performance from First Nations artists across our regions. Queer performance is eclectic and tenacious, persisting as a field of innovation and continuing to sustain LGBTQI+ artists and their audiences despite contexts of ongoing homophobia, transphobia and criminalisation.

Much queer performance, however, goes undocumented, overlooked in mainstream reviews, unrecorded in formal archives, or given scant scholarly attention. As such, we are calling for contributions to a long-overdue collection of critical thinking about this body of work. We envisage an intersectional collection of essays, interviews, recollection-reflections and performances-as-publications, and other forms that emerge.

Wherever we find them, however we’re making them – at the party, on your screen, in the studio, on our stages, in the clubs, on our streets ­– how do queer practices in performance proliferate diversity in our ecologies, sustain us as communities, invigorate creativity for our survival and generate lifeworlds of transformation?

We hope through the collection to trace the LGBTQI+ desire-lines linking artists and audiences – crossing social, cultural, political and regional boundaries and reaching out queerly across time and place. We want to remember, record and grapple with what emerges in intersectional-queer dance, theatre and performance that transforms us and envisions new worlds.

Send proposals (300 words) to the editors by 10 December 2021. Please include a brief biography and set of key words. Full submissions due 30 April 2022. Essay length is a maximum of 6,000 words including bibliography. As the journal is now published online, we welcome the integration of rich digital format such as images, video footage, sound files and the like.

Jacob Boehme,
Jonathan Bollen,
Alyson Campbell,
Liza-Mare Syron,