Publication: Australasian Drama Studies 79

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Posted By: Yoni Prior
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Date Posted: Tue, 21 Dec 2021

Dear members,

Just in time to be added to your summer reading pile, Australasian Drama Studies 79 (December 2021) has been published. Our warmest congratulations to Guest Editors Pia Johnson and Miles O'Neil, ADS Editor Yoni Prior, and all of their contributors. Members can access the issue here, by logging in with their ADSA details. To whet your appetite, a Table of Contents appears below.

Best wishes,
Chris, for the ADSA Board.


  • Editorial Pia Johnson and Miles O’Neil
  • A Conversation Between Performance Photographers Brett Boardman and Jeff Busby, with Notes by Heidrun Lohr Pia Johnson
  • The Intimate and the Epic in Plunge: A Writer-Director’s Approach to Heterarchical Composition  Kate Shearer
  • A Performative Investigation of the Agency of Sound: Mapping the Sound/ Soundscape Portrait  Angela Viora
  • Where’s the AV Guy?’: A Conversation with Rhian Hinkley, Margie Medlin and Nick Roux  Yoni Prior
  • Seed Value: Collaboration and Creative Development in Composed Theatre  David Megarrity 
  • Siren Song: Strengthening Community through Sonic Insurgency  Miles O’Neil
  • Towards a Post-Pandemics of Sound in Performance  Chris Wenn
  • Liveness in the Digital Age: Performance Case Studies  Russell Fewster, Geordie Brookman and Richard Chew
  • Authenticity within Digital Performance: A New Framework to Understand the Relationship between Audience, Vision Technology and Scenography  Tessa Rixon, Gene Moyle, Steph Hutchison and Joslin McKinney
  • A Feminist Lens in the Rehearsal Room: On the Bodily Education of Young Girls  Pia Johnson in conversation with Adena Jacobs
  • Genealogies of Darkness  Paul Jackson 
  • A Sound Conversation: Performance-Makers and Sound Practices with Roslyn Oades, Madeleine Flynn and Tamara Saulwick  Kate Hunter